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We are a professional college advising service dedicated to helping students plan for and achieve admission to their "best fit" college or university. We work one-on-one with students in an efficient and calm environment, supporting students  and families to achieve their educational goals.

We provide services in:

  • College and University  Admissions (USA, UK and Europe)
  • Applications Coaching
  • SAT Prep: Specializing in SAT VERBAL and MATH tutoring
  • ACT Prep: Individualized study plans
  • TOEFL Prep: Specializing in top scoring
  • College Essay Writing

We hope that by working closely together we can provide you with the assistance you will need to successfully navigate the college application process. You work individually with us through each step of the college application process, making sure that every application tells your personal story and maximizes your chances for acceptance. We will work with you to help you find colleges that match your interests and goals.

Our program covers every aspect of planning for, and applying to college and graduate school.Our approach is supportive and practical. College admission today is competitive and stressful, and we guide you through the complex admissions process and help you create strategic, meaningful and lasting impressions.


We believe in starting the preparation and planning early. We also believe that choosing a college and being accepted has a lot to do with finding the right academic fit.

Along with your scheduled meetings, you receive continuous support by telephone and email, until the process is completed. You are always encouraged to contact us with questions. The college admissions world is highly competitive and can also be stressful. Schools select from thousands of applicants. We want you to get into the school of your choice, and we want you to stand out.

Why work with a college advisor?

  1. Improve all of your your options. We can help you identify the colleges that are the best matches and help you understand how to make yourself the strongest possible candidate for each one.
  2. Save time and achieve your goals. We can advise you and help answer common questions and connect you with the resources you actually need.
  3. Keep your focus. In addition to offering an organized approach and clarity throughout the process, a college adviser can also engage the best resources of each family: students and parents.


"Volevo studiare all'estero ma non avevo idea di come iniziare il complesso processo di domanda, pertanto mi rivolsi all'American Language Center. Sono stati] estremamente disponibili/e e di grandissimo aiuto in tutte le varie fasi - test, essays, interviste. È sicuramente grazie all'ALC che posso dire di far parte della classe del 2019 di Berkeley, una delle università più prestigiose del mondo."



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