Gain Acceptance to a College or University

Pursue your dreams of earning a university degree with the help of ELS. Our globally recognized English learning programs help you achieve English proficiency and gain admission to colleges and universities throughout the USA, Canada and Australia. Learn more at our university guide website,

Choosing the right University

    • Find a school that has the major you are planning to study
    • Decide where you want to study including your preferred type of weather, area and community
    • Set a budget for tuition; find schools that work within your budget
    • Find a school with acceptance standards you are able to meet including test scores, proof of language proficiency, grade point average, and the rest.
    • Review the size of the school, including its average class size, to find one with which you are comfortable.

Conditional Letter of Admission (CLA)

Some universities offer Conditional Admission. Students who receive a Conditional Admission offer are considered to be academically qualified, but lack the English proficiency required for a regular admission. A Conditional Admission letter states that the student will be admitted once he or she demonstrates a specified level of English proficiency.

Proof of English language proficiency is determined by the school and includes one of the following:

    • Achieve a specified score on the TOEFL® or IELTS™ tests*

How to Apply to a University

  • Begin your search. Choose a degree, location, and an area of study.


  • ELS University Admission Services will review your application and help you formally apply.