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Our main goal is to help you identify a good fit for your own college success. This is fundamental to your happiness and achievement. Our goal is to develop your strategies that allow you to manage the key components of college decision-making.

Because we have had the opportunity of visiting and critiquing colleges throughout the United States, UK and Europe,  we can identify and suggest options and offer our personal insight to you. We are able to address issues students or parents may not always see, and we can offer solutions that are right for everyone.

Your college search does not stop when we compile a list of colleges but continues through the process with our support every step of the way. We can help you to: Image result for association of american colleges and universities

  • Explore your options and research colleges
  • Create strong applications and great essays
  • Manage the application process with schedules
  • Prepare for interviews and visits

First, we have a frank, honest discussion to identify and clarify your goals for the future.We work together from start to finish, or just collaborate on the portions where you need our support. Colleges are evaluating many factors about you--much more than just grades and test scores.


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We work with you to create a personalized list of colleges that are the right ones for your interests, and qualifications. We counsel students and parents to gain a deeper understanding of their college decision-making process, and we begin before ever meeting the family. We can offer personal insights on the differences among colleges and programs. In fact, we may suggest colleges that you have never heard of. We also assist you through the search process to help families achieve their ultimate goal: finding a best fit college for both the student and his or her family. The final goal of the college search is to create a balanced list of colleges.

We offer personalized assistance to set a manageable schedule ensuring you save time and meet application deadlines. Together we will develop a time-line you can follow – one that is flexible enough to accommodate your progress. Each student will be interviewed in order to learn about a personality/career interest inventory which provides insight to individual student strengths, weaknesses, career interests and aptitudes. This will serve as one factor in the process of creating a customized list of potential colleges for the student to pursue.

One of the most important parts of your application is the essay. We provide detailed guidance based on your unique characteristics and style. Many students have no idea what to write about, or how, so we help them begin to reflect. A college essay needs more than correct grammar to be powerful. You will learn how to articulate strengths and emphasize your own individual personality and experience. Students often feel that they should try to impress rather than display their genuine attributes. By understanding the application questions, students are in a much better position to communicate in a more genuinely and effectively. The college essay is an opportunity for the student to express what makes him or her special.

Improve your interviewing skills by preparing with us. You will be able to better understand interview questions and respond appropriately to show your strengths.

We also assist you in finding the best people to write your letters of recommendation--who to ask, how to ask, and what to ask for in a college recommendation – we will guide you.

We help you navigate the process of finding (and applying for)  financial aid and scholarships by assisting you in creating outstanding applications.  Here are the most common things that  colleges and universities scholarship programs look for:

  • Academic Excellence 
  • Leadership Skills
  • Community Service
  • Strong Relationships With Educators and Mentors
  • Clearly Defined Personal Goals


"Il processo per fare domanda ai College negli Stati Uniti è spaventoso, specialmente per me, venendo da una scuola italiana dove la parola "aiuto" non sembra neanche esistere nei dizionari. Non esagero quando dico che all'inizio ero persa: non avevo idea di dove dovessi iniziare. Anche solo registrarmi per gli SAT sembrava difficile. Mi sono trovata con migliaia di domande ma nessuno che potesse darmi le risposte. Ho trovato l'istituto americano, e giuro di non esagerare quando dico che mi ha cambiato la vita. Avevano tutte le risposte di cui avevo bisogno e molto di più. Sono stati al mio fianco in ogni singolo passo del percorso e hanno risposto ad ognuna delle mie migliaia di mail e di domande senza esitazione. Un'altra cosa che non sapevo era che intraprendere questo procedimento con loro, non solo mi ha aiutata ad entrare nei college dei miei sogni, ma mi ha anche aiutata a scoprire chi sono realmente ed a svelare le mie capacita che neanche sapevo di avere . Sono infinitamente grata ad ALC e devo tutto a loro."



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Guide to the College Admission Process


The updated Guide to the College Admission Process is an invaluable resource for students as they search for and select a school that’s right for them.

As NACAC’s signature publication, the guide provides a comprehensive look at researching colleges, submitting applications, choosing an institution to attend, and more. New chapters addressing the unique needs of transfer and international students are featured in the 2015 edition.

NACAC’s Application Checklist and The Prep for College Calendar are also included in the guide.

Download a copy of the "Guide to the College Admission Process"